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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia / Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia

Chronic myeloid leukemia is a kind of cancer which causes an uncontrolled growth of the myeloid cells in the bone marrow and their crowding in blood. This kind of leukemia is called ‘chronic’ because it progresses slowly, and there are few early symptoms. But if the disease is caught early and appropriate treatment started, the prognosis is good.

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High Stress in Few Leukemia Patients May Increase the Risk of More Advanced Disease
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Major New Vulnerability of Childhood Leukemia Uncovered
LEDGF/p75 protein is regulated by phosphorylation, a molecular modification that changes the electrical charge of the LEDGF/p75 protein in children wi.....
Melanoma, Dangerous Skin Cancer Linked with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
A large group of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia were found to have a sizable 600 percent higher risk of melanoma, the most dangerous form .....
New Finding Leads to Better Leukemia Treatment
NPM1 mutation improves sensitivity to chemotherapy in patients with leukemia, stated study published in journal JCI Insight.

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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Chronic myeloid Leukemia is one of the most common types of blood cancer. It is characterized by excess of WBC stem cells in the bone marrow... Read More

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