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Genetic and Metabolic

Genetic disorders are diseases caused by abnormalities in the genes or chromosomes. One large class of genetic disorders is metabolic disorders, also called the ‘inborn errors of metabolism’, when a single defective gene effects the production and functioning of enzymes.

Find doctors and patients dealing with genetic and metabolic disorders in our specialized support group.
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Down syndrome / Birth Defects - Genetic

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that arises due to an extra copy of all or part of chromosome 21. Though Down syndrome cannot be cured and comes with a host of medical issues, people with the syndrome learn several skills during their lifetime. With proper medication, diet, training and care, many of them are capable of becoming independent and leading a normal life. With early health intervention, some individuals with Down syndrome are now capable of going for jobs and fending for themselves.

Join our online support group for Down syndrome – meet other parents facing the same challenges with their children, and carers, teachers, therapists, and doctors who can help.

Genetic Counseling

Modern medicine has recorded 5, 000 different disorders caused by genetic defects. The need for genetic counseling has become imperative in the medical discipline of obstetrics today. Genetic counselors educated in the medical and psycho-social aspects of genetic disease, can simplify and convey complex information to help people make important life decisions. 

For help, guidance and valuable information on genetic disorders, Medindia’s support group is the place to be.

Genetic Testing of Diseases

Genetic testing can show you if you have a genetic disease or an inherited vulnerability to certain diseases. You can then know if you need to take precautions to avoid getting diseases that run in your family, or to avoid passing them on to your children.

Ask questions and get answers by joining our online group on genetic testing.

Genetics of Male Infertility

Due to the rapid strides that medicine has made in the recent past, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have make it possible for many infertile men with severe male factor infertility to father children. 

If you and your partner are facing difficulties in this respect, don’t lose hope. Face the pressures, share your experiences and gain valuable advice from specialists in the field at this support group for male infertility.

Kawasaki Disease

More common among the Japanese, the disease afflicts children and is a distinctive clinical illness characterized by fever and rash. It can result in serious complications involving the heart, causing large thrombosis, and even leading to death.

Medindia’s support group hosts further details on the Kawasaki disease, its occurrence, symptoms and treatment.

Klinefelter's Syndrome

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a condition in which men have an extra X chromosome in most of their cells – an XXY pattern instead of the normal XY pattern that most men have. Boys with the XXY-condition tend to have language problems and lesser muscle tone than other boys, and they tend to have trouble fitting in. But as adults, most of them lead normal, successful lives.

Learn more about this condition from experts, meet others who have it, and network with them by joining our online support group for people with Klinefelters’ syndrome.

Mandibulofacial Dysostosis

Mandibulofacial Dysostosis is a genetic disorder which causes deformities of the head and face, including slanting eyes with partially absent eyelids, absent or small ears, and small lower jaws and cheekbones.

Join our online support group for people with mandibulofacial dysostosis and their families - learn more by asking questions, getting answers from experts, and sharing experiences with other people living with mandibulofacial dysostosis.

Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms that put you at increased risk for heart disease and diabetes: fat deposits around the waist, high blood pressure, insulin resistance or high blood sugar, high triglycerides and LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood, low HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol in the blood.

Want to know more about the metabolic syndrome? Ask your questions to experts by joining our online group on the metabolic syndrome.

Multifactorial Birth Defects

In some cases, more than one factor may be responsible for causing birth defects. These are termed multifactorial. It’s often difficult to pinpoint the contributing factors because of its associated complexity.

To learn more on multifactorial birth defects and to connect with others, sign up for Medindia’s support group on the subject.

Muscular Dystrophy / Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy (MD) refers to a group of hereditary disorders which causes muscles to weaken and waste away. There is no cure for MC, but drug treatment for symptoms, therapy, and assistive technology can make a huge difference for a person with the condition.

Learn more about muscular dystrophy from doctors and other people and families dealing with the condition in this online support group for MD.

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