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Diet and nutrition :
Calcium and Vitamin Supplements

Calcium and vitamin supplements can help when there is a real deficiency of some micronutrients, but their use without indication in healthy people is controversial. Some supplements can raise the levels of particular micronutrients (especially iron and Vitamin A) to toxic levels.

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Many of us know that vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and in the development of teeth and bones in the children and in the adults it maintains the bone health.
Due to its deficiency one may develops rickets, osteomalacia or osteoporosis. In the last few years, lot of research is being done on the non skeletal benefits of vit. D. It is now suggested that in addition to the skeletal benefits, vit. D also helps in the prevention and treatment of many diseases such as:
• Hypertension, coronary artery disease, congestive cardiac failure.
• Stroke.
• Diabetes type I and II
• Many autoimmune diseases as Multiple Sclerosis, RA, SLE.
• Carcinomas of the breast, prostate, colon and rectum.
• Depression and psychosis.
• Impairment of cognitive functions.
• Decreased immunity to fight infections.
• Falls in the old age due to neuromuscular imbalance.
• Skin diseases: Psoriasis.
• Dental caries, tooth loss and periodontal diseases.
• Age related macular degeneration in eyes.
Vit. D is abundantly available through the sunlight and is absolutely free but unfortunately due to our faulty lifestyle, this source is not being made use of. Other common sources of vit.D are sea foods, egg yolk, and diary products. We may be surprised to know that vit D deficiency is pandemic globally. Around 70-80% of world population is deficient.
rather the incidence is more in India. Senior citizens and pregnant ladies are severely deficient. The result of about my 100 persons tested was that – “ALL WERE DEFICIENT”.
So, I just want to make you all aware about this pandemic. Please get you and your families; tested for vit.D and also extend this benefit to your friends & relations. So that you can yourself assess the extent of this nutritional disorder, which can be very easily managed.
The test to be done is “Serum 25 OH Vit D Total” It is being done by HI-TECH Labs. Like Ranbaxy, Lal pathlab, Thyrocare etc.Only 4 hours fasting is required. Normal levels are 30 -75 ng/ml. The test costs Rs.800-2500 in different labs. It is cheapest in Thyrocare lab. There is lot of related text available on internet. Just surf & explore yourself.
When you are convinced about this pandemic proportion of vit. D deficiency, start the treatment with your doctor. Generally one who is moderately vit.D deficient as most of us are, is given one vit.D sachets of 60,000 IU weekly for 8-12 weeks and then monthly.
My request to you all is that spread this message to all your friends,relations and where ever you can,so that public as a whole is benefited. If this thing can be brought in the notice of health ministry,matter may be thoroughly researched and suitable action is .taken . I request my doctor friends to keep this thing in mind and prescribe vit,D frequently especially to old aged and pregnant ladies.
For any queries/suggestions/feedback please mail at:

Posted on : Sunday, April 1, 2012 11:15 AM
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