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Blocked Tear Duct / Dacryostenosis

A common and contagious condition affecting newborns, the partial or complete obstruction in the tear duct system of the eyes is known as Dacryostenosis. One or both eyes can be constantly filled with tears or mucus.

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1. Which specialist should I consult if my child has a problem of blocked tear duct?

You have to consult an Opthalmologist.

2. How will I know that my baby has a blocked tear duct?

If one or both eyes of the baby appears to water continuously teary over a period of several days or if there is mucus like discharge, swelling or redness, he or she might be having a blocked duct. The baby may also be experiencing eye discomfort or pain.

3. Why should my child be taken for treatment?

If you suspect a blocked tear duct, show your child to a child specialist. If left untreated tears can accumulate in the lacrimal or tear sac, which can become infected by bacteria. The infection can spread into adjacent areas such as the sinuses or adenoids. A physical examination of the child's eyes will be necessary to diagnose the problem and treat the underlying cause.

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