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Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by problems in social interaction, speech and repetitive and restrictive behaviors. Early intervention, intensive special education and appropriate therapy can help autistic children – and even teenagers and adults – integrate better with other people.

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1. Will medications help?

Medication to a certain extent will be able to help the symptoms of the autistic child in controlling behavior and other expressions of the disorder and not the cause. With medication, the parents may find it easier to handle their autistic children.

2. Which doctor should I see for Autism?

See a Neurologist or General Physician

3. Is autism curable?

No. Autism is a lifelong condition and no amount of medication or treatment can cure it. However, proper treatment can make the life of an autistic child much easier and help him become self-reliant. Children with mild autism may be integrated into the general society with treatment and guidance.

4. How can I help my autistic child?

Parents can help their autistic child in everyway possible. Providing emotional and social support to the autistic children is a very crucial element in the care. You can also read up on materials available to know more about your childs condition. You can communicate with specialists and therapists and sit with them to decide on the best course of procedure to follow that will bring maximum benefit to the child. Many a times parents of autistic children have been able to not only help their own children adjust with autism, they have successfully build up support groups with other parents to have a forum for discussing related problems.

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