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How To Grow With Age And Not Age.


It is a well-known fact that we grow old with age, but this does not mean we have to age in the mind and body. Surely we can grow with age but need not necessarily age. Yes you are perfectly right we ...   Read More

Posted by subnirmala on Sat, 23 Jan 2010        (0)    (4922)    

How To Be Energetic By Diet And Exercise At 60.


Most of us wish to be energetic at 60, though factors like stress lack of physical activity, pollution and lack of a balanced wholesome diet take a toll on our life and make us weak by 60. Gone are th...   Read More

Posted by subnirmala on Thu, 18 Mar 2010        (0)    (4852)    

How to Get Soft, Rosy Lips


Soft, healthy, pink lips resemble rose petals and give your face that luscious look. Lips are the most sensitive part of our body – they indicate ill-health when one is not well by drying, blackening ...   Read More

Posted by Lakshmi Gopal on Fri, 05 Aug 2011        (1)    (4831)    

Home Gym


Being fit is not only about looking good. It is a necessity. Being fit helps you to function efficiently at home and even at your work place. But remember fitness requires a whole lot of dedication. S...   Read More

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, 29 Aug 2011        (0)    (4798)    

Health benefits of some common indian spices


Several spices common to Indian cooking can contribute to health and weight loss. Black pepper has great healing properties and can help with weight loss. It improves digestion, frees nutrients for ab...   Read More

Posted by Aparna_Tandon on Wed, 26 Jan 2011        (1)    (4797)    

How You Could Be Energetic By Positive Thinking.


All of us are born on this Earth to achieve a lot in life. However it is found that some of us are always successful while others fail to do so. All of us have been born with capabilities in life and ...   Read More

Posted by subnirmala on Thu, 11 Feb 2010        (0)    (4775)    

How To Help Your Girl Child To Grow Up With Self Esteem.


I thought on the morn of the International Women’s Day  there is great importance in the context of bringing up a girl child to be a woman with high self-esteem and confidence to face the world at lar...   Read More

Posted by subnirmala on Mon, 08 Mar 2010        (1)    (4762)    

How important is Good Looks?


What according to you is more important is it good looks or a dynamic personality? If you say that looks does not matter to you and that you are least bothered the way you look  when you are attending...   Read More

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, 04 Aug 2011        (1)    (4760)    

Health Care During Rainy Season


During this rainy season we are bound to get some air borne and water borne diseases. Waterborne diseases could be dysentry, cholera, typhoid etc. Air borne diseases could be cold, asthma, arthritis, ...   Read More

Posted by aruna75 on Mon, 09 Nov 2009        (1)    (4748)    

How Mobility Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis


Are you stuck up in a job sitting for a long time in a particular posture or are you one who likes to sit for a long time watching TV or movies? Well you are in for a risk for a very serious condition...   Read More

Posted by subnirmala on Wed, 05 May 2010        (0)    (4743)    

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