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Posted By :  guest  on  Wed, 03 Oct 2007
Can I get list of LASIK centers operated in Mumbai and their credibility?Thanks in advance
Support Group :  Lasik Eye Surgery   No. of Posts:  77  Views:  15857   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Fri, 28 Sep 2007
Is pneumonia contagious? especially to children?
Under :  Pneumonia
Support Group :  Pneumonia   No. of Posts:  3  Views:  2519   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Tue, 25 Sep 2007
let me know which is critical - Hypo or Hyperthyroid
Under :  Hyperthyroidism / Thyroiditis / Graves Disease
Support Group :  Hyperthyroidism / Thyroiditis / Graves Disease   No. of Posts:  14  Views:  2954   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Sun, 23 Sep 2007
My Blood group is O+ and my Husband group is O+ What will be the child blood group
Under :  Blood Group
Support Group :  Blood Group   No. of Posts:  112  Views:  28309   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Sat, 22 Sep 2007
My husband is O+ve and I am also O+ve, what is the compatibility of child birth. Will the child be healthy or not?
Under :  Blood Group
Support Group :  Blood Group   No. of Posts:  112  Views:  28309   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Fri, 21 Sep 2007
my fiancee is O+ and I'm B+, are they any compatibility issues for childbirth with these groups, or any other?
Under :  Blood Group
Support Group :  Blood Group   No. of Posts:  112  Views:  28309   Reply
Posted By :  guest  on  Tue, 18 Sep 2007
is it necessary that the child shud have either of the blood groups of parents or it can b different
Under :  Blood Group
Support Group :  Blood Group   No. of Posts:  112  Views:  28309   Reply


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